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USC Roski Technology Requirements

As part of your preparation for attending the USC Roski School of Art and Design this coming fall, we are attaching a document describing Roski’s technology requirements. The computer is a necessary tool for the education of artists and designers: for research, communication, and creative production. Digital literacy and technical fluency are key to succeeding in creative visual fields. Faculty make assignments based on the assumption that students have access to computers in the classroom and in the studio, and without this mandatory tool, it would be difficult for students to succeed in Roski’s learning environment.

We are aware of the many technology choices available to students today and have carefully weighed the needs of the program against the costs and efficiencies of a number of options. After careful consideration and evaluation by all of our faculty and advisors, we have selected the laptops specified below. We have given both a minimum requirement for a basic laptop and an advanced laptop, depending on your program of study.

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