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USC PAM Exclusives

The USC Pacific Asia Museum is housed in a historic building once known as the Treasure House. The museum has served as a center for art, culture, learning, and commerce since its construction in 1924 by pioneering collector and entrepreneur Grace Nicholson. Here visitors can see groundbreaking exhibitions, attend world class programs, and find a sense of community that is dedicated to the arts and culture of Asia and the Pacific Islands. The Shop@PAM exclusive, curated collection offers one-of-a-kind products that reflect the museum’s history, collections, exhibition related books and goods, and special branded pieces.

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Local Designers & Fair Trade Artisans

Shop@PAM highlights the various cultures represented in the USC Pacific Asia Museum collection by offering Fair Trade products. Fair Trade businesses create greater equity and opportunity for farmers and artisans in developing countries and communities who are socially and economically marginalized. These companies follow ethical principles of fair pay, safe working conditions, ensuring the rights of children, respecting cultural identities, and cultivating environmental stewardship. You’ll find unique, high quality, authentic products from diverse and developing countries. Small businesses empower creativity, passion, and a sense of community. Shop@PAM proudly offers handcrafted goods and thoughtful creations from several local designers and woman-owned businesses. These artisan businesses make our shop, our museum, and our community special.

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Diverse Voices and Tastes

Books can provide an escape, opening new worlds, or act as a mirror into your life, letting you know you are not alone. You’ll find a variety of fairytales, folklore, lessons, and activities for adults and children in our curated collection. Shop@PAM will help you find a story-time book to learn more about a different culture or discover a story that helps build self-confidence. Food powerfully unites people. Sharing a meal with friends or neighbors can bring back memories of home, introduce you to new flavors and traditions, or sharpen your skills. Explore new places, stories, and tastes to share with loved ones.

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