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Rent Regalia



Do you need to rent a USC Cap with Tassel, Gown, and Hood? If so, you have two options. (Hoods are for Master and Doctorate candidates only.)

Option #1 - HomeShip

Click the rent regalia button below to order the rental unit and have it shipped to your home. Rental units are included in all graduation packages.

The deadline to order Cap and Gown Rental for home shipment is April 9, 2023. The shipping fee is $16.95. Orders will be delivered by May 8, 2023.

Rental Units

Bachelor's Cap, Gown and Tassel $69.99

Master's Cap, Gown, Hood and Tassel $89.99

Doctoral Cap, Gown, Hood and Tassel $109.99

*Note: Rented Doctoral Regalia includes a red cap with a gold USC signet tassel, not a Tam. Tams are available for purchase only.

Master and Doctoral regalia requires a hood. See Hood Color Chart and How To Wear Hoods.

Here are some videos to show how to wear Bachelor Regalia, Master Regalia, and Doctor Regalia
Rent Regalia

Option #2 - Walk-Up Rental and Pick-Up

For customers wishing to rent a cap with tassel, gown, and hood in person, we will hold an in person distribution beginning May 8, 2023 on the USC Bookstore Patio.

Location: Outside on the Bookstore patio

Days and hours:

• May 8th thru May 11th 8:30am - 7:00pm

• Commencement Day, May 12th 6:30am - 9:00am

Please go to the bottom of the bookstore stairs closest to TCC. You will see tables and order forms. A Cap & Gown Specialist will be present to provide assistance. After completion of the order form, you will proceed up the stairs to the distribution tent where you will receive your rental items and go into the bookstore to pay.

*Note: You cannot preorder or reserve rentals to pick up at Distribution ahead of time. Rental Distribution is a walk-in process, and everything is done when you arrive in person. No pre-order or reservation is required before you arrive.

• If you have a Flag & Banner or Athletics voucher, please show the Cap & Gown Specialist at the bottom of the stairs for assistance.

In Person Distribution Pricing:

Bachelor's Cap, Gown and Tassel $69.99

Bachelor's Gown Only $54.99

Master's Cap, Gown, Hood and Tassel $89.99

Master's Gown Only $59.99

Master's Hood Only $29.99

Doctoral Cap, Gown, Hood and Tassel $109.99

Doctoral Gown Only $69.99

Doctoral Hood Only $29.99

Rental Keeper cap w/Tassel (Red or Black) $24.99

If you rent regalia, please keep your cap and tassel. Your gown and hood should be returned immediately following your ceremony at the drop location near your ceremony or at the USC Bookstore.


Questions about your cap and gown order? Please contact Herff Jones directly at 1-800-837-4235, and have your order confirmation number ready.

To track your order, please enter your internet reference number which is found on the order confirmation email that was sent to you after you placed your order. C&G Order Lookup


For Commencement ceremony information, please visit for details.